Automatic intelligent robot cooker commercial roller electric cooking machine stainless steel fried-stir machine cooking stove

Automatic intelligent robot cooker commercial roller electric cooking machine stainless steel fried-stir machine cooking stove


Automatic intelligent cooking robot commercial roller cooking machine stainless steel fried-stir machine cooking stove 380V

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Product parameters

Product Name:roller cooking machine

Model: SMK-GT10

Frequency: 50-60HZ

Stirring power/Voltage: 750W/220V

Dimensions:1240*1550*1460 (mm)

Control method: microcomputer control

Pot body parameters: the bottom of the pot is 4mm thick.

The pot mouth is φ400mm, and the inner cylinder diameter is φ600mm.


1. Automatically adjust the stir-frying speed, evenly stir without dead angle.

2. Automatically add oil, add soy sauce, add vinegar, add water.

3. Comes with a high pressure cleaning water gun.

4. Automatic dumping dishes is quick and convenient.

5. Humanized voice prompts for feeding, kitchen workers instead of chefs.

6. Up to hundreds of recipe storage spaces, one-click call to start, easy to complete cooking.

7. Administrator menu is programmed/changed.

8. With emergency stop control switch, guaranteed safe.

9. Manual and automatic mode to switch trials at will.

10. Comes with fault code prompt, easy to repair.

11.Equipped with spice cabinet, ingredient box

12.Gas leak detection, safety protection


1,Energy saving

The mechanical heating method of intelligent machinery electromagnetic food is semi/full bridge

The technical electromagnetic induction heating scheme has a thermal efficiency of over 93%. The traditional open flame heating method uses diesel, coal, gas, fuel oil, etc. as fuel, and uses the heating method of heating the outside of the object first, and the heat is transferred from the outside to the inside, and the heat energy utilization rate does not exceed 35%; even if the improved electric heating pipe and electric heating are adopted Plates, heating wires, etc., the thermal energy utilization rate will not exceed 50%. It can be seen from the above data that using intelligent machinery electromagnetic food machinery, energy costs can be saved by at least 40%-60%. At the same time, the intelligent machinery electromagnetic food machinery is very independent. When the production workshop does not require all the equipment to work, each equipment can realize the functions of heating, stirring and frying separately, avoiding the waste of boiler heating.


The highly intelligent intelligent machinery electromagnetic food machine produces much faster than the artificial speed. At the same time, when ordinary employees operate, because each employee’s craftsmanship is different and the operating habits are different, there will be different productions. The use of fully automatic intelligent machinery electromagnetic food machinery has temperature control, time control, automatic mixing, automatic dumping and other functions to assist. Any operator can achieve uniform standardization of the produced materials by simply operating the equipment. For enterprises, standardization work is very beneficial to the promotion of the brand.


In recent years, gas explosions, boiler explosions, fuel leaks, fires and other accidents in the food processing industry are not uncommon. Using intelligent machinery electromagnetic food

The machine has no open flame combustion, no exhaust emission, no combustion leakage, avoiding personnel and environmental hazards, and expanding the use of the site more than traditional fuel and gas stoves (especially no fire places, open wind places, such as basements, Gas stations, liquefied gas centers, wineries, workshops, warehouses, top-floor kitchens for high-rise buildings, etc.; and multiple protection devices to reduce accidents.

4. Environmental protection

The intelligent machinery electromagnetic food machine has no combustion exhaust gas, no oxygen consumption, no noise, no pollution; no open flame combustion, no air blowing device can reduce heat dissipation, improve energy efficiency, reduce noise (mainly noise from the production workshop comes from the stove drum Wind, hood fan and equipment motor). It meets the requirements of domestic energy conservation and emission reduction, and at the same time gives employees a good working environment.

5, labor saving

When using fully automatic intelligent mechanical food machinery, one person can even operate more than two devices at the same time. During the operation, the operator does not need to use the big shovel to stir fry, dump, and cook. All the manpower is done by the equipment. Significantly reduce the labor intensity and labor density of employees, and make employees more relaxed, comfortable and comfortable. Companies can also reduce labor costs.

6, Save space

Because there is no open flame burning, the stove does not need traditional accessories such as blower, heat-insulating brick, furnace cooling water, etc., which can reduce he size of the device;

The working environment temperature is reduced, which can reduce the construction amount and part of the investment of some air supply and exhaust devices; the use of electric energy eliminates the construction of gas pipelines and the matching of boiler room and gas room and costs. Significant savings in the use of food processing sites.

7. Low annual depreciation rate

The intelligent machinery electromagnetic food machine itself is silent design, the working environment does not have vibration, designed and manufactured according to the requirements of 8-10 years of use. Some products are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of 20 years of use, stable and durable.

Speak with data:

1. Thermal efficiency is as high as 93%, different from 35-50% thermal efficiency of conventional equipment

2, saving energy costs 40-80%

3, saving labor costs 30-80%

4, 8-20 years life design

5, material temperature control ± 1 ° C, temperature can be as high as 400 ° C

6, No pollution, No emissions, No explosion / fire risk

7, the working environment temperature of workers is reduced by 50-80%

8, can reduce employee turnover rate to 10-20%

Product display

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Additional information

Voltage (V)


Capacity of Work Bowl (Cup)


Model Number




Brand Name


Power (W)









electric food cooking machine

Product number




Control method

microcomputer control



Heating power


Pot mouth


Inner cylinder diameter


Stirring power


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