China Blooming Tea Green Tea Ball Artistic Blossom Flowers Tea 20 Pieces 20 Kinds Chinese Blooming Flower Tea

China Blooming Tea Green Tea Ball Artistic Blossom Flowers Tea 20 Pieces 20 Kinds Chinese Blooming Flower Tea



Packing information –

This flower tea includes 20 kinds of different flowers per red bag.

A. Each flower tea ball is packed in individual vacuum bag ( the name of flower is printed on tea)

B. Every 20 different kinds of flower teas are packed in gift bag, one flower for each kinds.

C. Minimum order is 20pcs ( 1 bag ).
If order is over 20pcs, eg. 100pcs, order will include 5 gift bags of 20 kinds of flower tea balls.

Lot of 20 Kinds Handmade Blooming Flower Tea Beautiful Herbal Balls Wedding Gift


** Tea Type: Herbal/Tisane

** Form: Bagged

** Tea Origin: China

** Food Specifications: Organic

** Shelf Life: 24 months

** Size: 20 kinds – appr. 8g/pcs,

** Height when Blooming: appr. 5cm

** Width when Blooming: appr. 5cm

** Country/Region of Manufacture: China

##What is Blooming Tea?

Blooming Tea is crafted with green tea buds and edible dried flowers. It places edible dried flowers into tea buds to be a small tea ball, melting with tea’s fragrance and flowers’ beauty. Pouring hot water into the glass for one or two minutes, the round tea ball blossom out beautifully, to be a beautiful flower embrace with green tea buds. It is natural, healthy and fashionable.

##How to prepare Blooming Tea?

a. Put a blooming tea ball into a glass cup or tea pot. It is better to use transparent glass with a height of 10 cm / 4 inch and diameter of 6 cm / 2.4 inch, in order to fully demonstrate the art of tea style.

b. Pouring 300-500ml 100 Degrees Celsius boiled water slowly along with glass wall. The first infusion water must be 100 Degrees Celsius to help the tea ball blooms beautifully.

c. Wait for 1-2 minutes, the tea ball would bloom slowly to be several of colorful unique flowers with sweet fragrance.

d. The best temperature for drinking is around 50 Degrees Celsius. You could try to hold the glass cup or teapot and feel it not too hot, that is the right temperature to drink.

e. According to personal taste, please you could mix the tea with honey, sugar or other scented tea to change the flavor you like.

##What is the Blooming Tea made from?

Model Name Ingredient
1# Wallamoppi Gomphrena Globosa, Jasmine, Calendula, Tea Buds
2# Love forever Gomphrena Globosa, Jasmine, Calendula, Tea Buds
3# Golden Dragons Pearl Gomphrena Globosa, Jasmine, Lily, Tea Buds
4# Bathing Beauty Gomphrena Globosa, Tea Buds
5# Flower fairy Gomphrena Globosa, Jasmine, Calendula, Tea Buds
6# Flaming Dragons Pearl Gomphrena Globosa, Jasmine, Calendula, Tea Buds
7# Lily Basket Lily, Jasmine, Tea Buds
8# Butterfly Flowers Oroxylum Indicum, Gomphrena Globosa, Calendula, Tea Buds
9# Seven Stars Around Moon Gomphrena Globosa, Jasmine, Tea Buds
10# Fall In Love At First Sight Gomphrena Globosa, Jasmine, Calendula, Tea Buds
11# Sunshine Rainbow Gomphrena Globosa, Jasmine, Tea Buds
12# Sweet Blossom Lily, Osmanthus, Tea Buds
13# Jasmine Fairy Jasmine, Calendula, Tea Buds
14# Silver Calendula Calendula, Tea Buds
15# Prismy Carnation, Tea Buds
16# Autumn Beauty Jasmine, Lily, Tea Buds
17# Rose love Rose, Gomphrena Globosa, Calendula, Oroxylum Indicum, Tea Buds
18# Exquisite Beauty Rose, Gomphrena Globosa, Peony, Tea Buds
19# Brilliance Splendor Jasmine, Gomphrena Globosa, Calendula, Tea Buds
20# Gracefully Arise Lily, Gomphrena Globosa, Chrysanthemum, Tea Buds

##What are the benefits?

Ingredient Name Benefits
Gomphrena Globosa Gomphrena Globosa contains a variety of trace elements. It can alleviate fatigue and is good for beauty care.
Jasmine Jasmine can make the sleep better, reduce anxiety and make you feel relax. It also can moisturize and perfume the skin.
Calendula Calendula can relieve insomnia, reduce anxiety, protect eyesight, cure intestines function and break down fat. It is also good for anti-inflammatory detoxification and skincare.
Lily Lily has efficiency of heat-clearing and detoxifying, strengthening the spleen and stomach.
Osmanthus Osmanthus can moisturize, whiten the skin and relieve the body of toxins. The fresh smell can make people feel relaxing and peacefully.
Carnation Carnation have the functions of eliminating toxin, beautifying skin and relaxing people, nourishing the liver to improve visual acuity, improving blood circulation, enhancing the body’s metabolism, regulating blood fat and doing a diet.
Oroxylum Indicum Oroxylum Indicum also known as Semen Oroxylum, can whiten skin, lower blood pressure, promote the body’s metabolism, delay cell aging, and improve immunity.
Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum can make people feel healthy and prolong the life-span.
Rose Rose can whiten skin, delay skin aging and make people feel relaxed.
Peony Peony can make you have ruddy face and delay skin aging.
Tea Buds ea buds can alleviate fatigue, refresh the mind and reduce cholesterol and others. It also has other effects of preventing hardening of the arteries, improving blood circulation, preventing radiation, etc.

##How to store?

Put into a sealed bag or a can with lid and store in a cool, dry place that is absent from foreign odour.

##What should be aware of?

As with all foods and supplements, it is essential that you do your own research to decide if this product right for you. It should be used as part of a healthy, balanced diet and should not be used as a substitute for regular exercise. While we believe that these products can be beneficial in many ways they should not be taken instead of conventional medicine. Consult your doctor first if you suffer from any health problems or are pregnant or breastfeeding.


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